Sunday May 27 , 2018
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Connect - Small Groups

Small Groups are an integral part of RiverTree Church. It is in a Small Group that you will experience shared passion, purpose and life.  They are exactly what they sound like! Small groups of people who meet regularly in order to impact their community, develop friendships, and challenge each other to be more like Christ.

Meeting in homes, coffee shops or wherever people can be, Small Groups are the best place to meet people and "be known" at RiverTree Church.  Small Groups are about living the way Jesus lived, not just talking about it.  If you're not in one, you're missing out!


Small Group Outreaches

Because the effort is initiated, led, carried out by local Small Groups, the overall impact of Small Group Outreach in your local community is limitless. With Small Group Outreach, your group has the flexibility to do service projects as you choose, when you want, and as often as you'd like!